• Sustainable renewable energy
  • Residents are protected by the Heat Act
  • More than 200 projects in operation and management

About Vaanster

Vaanster, founded in 2000, is an independent investor in collective sustainable energy systems and has been actively managed by founder and managing director Jeroen Krebbers since its inception.

Our mission is to develop, finance, and operate the sustainable energy supply for appealing real estate projects. With our projects, we make a positive contribution to making the Netherlands more sustainable and we actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

Reliable, independent, and a little bit willful. Those are our core values. They are embedded in our organization and represent what we stand for. We are recognizable by our committed, personal and transparent way of working. Whether it's a business client or a private client. We are independent and stand independently in the market. We are reliable, we do what we say and we say what we do. These are our principles for the way we work, how we deal with our clients and employees and how we stand in society.

 We have grown into the market leader in the management and operation of collective ATES installations. We are emphatically an independent investor in collective sustainable projects. That independence is important to us.

Quality comes first

Our working method also means that we are flexible and able to switch quickly. This is partly due to the short lines in our organization. We listen to wishes and needs and respond to them. Our enthusiastic and professional team has the knowledge and experience to make this possible. In addition, we have an extensive network of partners at our disposal, enabling us to develop appealing projects in co-makers.

The strength of our working method lies in a flexible process, the way of working is subordinate to the demand of the customer. And all this quickly and efficiently. For us, it is not about standardization but the demand of the individual client. We go for high-quality and appealing projects where people feel at home. Projects that we will still be proud of in 10 years and be able to say "we contributed to this".