Report malfunction


Which malfunctions can you report to Vaanster?

You have a malfunction, which of course is extremely annoying. You want it fixed as soon as possible and so do we. Always check the water pressure first. This should be within 1.5 and 2.0 bar.

In the following two cases, call us immediately:

  1. If you have no hot water, we ask you to call us immediately the following number 085-7602992. Also if your neighbours do have hot water.
  2. If your neighbours have the same malfunction (no cooling/no heat/no hot water) also call 085-7602992 immediately. We call this a central failure.

If you are the only one who has no heat or cold supply then there may be something wrong with your indoor installation. We then advise you to call your own installation company or your landlord. If you have an owner-occupied house and you don't have your own installer, the VVE may be able to advise you.

On your project page you will find more information about your project. Via the homepage you can enter your postcode and this will take you to your project page where you will find more information about all the equipment in your home. Click here to go to the homepage.

What will happen if we can't help you?

Vaanster brings heat to your home. We do this from the energy station and it enters your home via the delivery system. So if your neighbours do receive heat/cold then there is supply from the energy station. This means that we are supplying normally and that something in the indoor installation is not working properly so that you are not receiving heat/cold. This could be in your entire home or in parts of your home. An indoor installation also needs maintenance or something may be defective. For instance, a pump may not be working properly or a valve may remain closed. This is clearly the case if the living room heats up and the bedroom does not. Then there is a hitch somewhere. As an energy supplier, Vaanster does not own your indoor installation. That's why we refer you to your landlord or your own installer.  

If you call us and indicate that your neighbours have a similar fault and that turns out not to be the case, we have to pass on the costs to you for the service party's visit. In the case of a central fault, no one visits your home, but the central engineering room. In most cases, it is also another service party and these technicians are not authorised and/or trained to fix individual malfunctions.

Malfunction - no heat

Malfunction - no cooling