Meter reading

Meter readings

Most meters are digitally read remotely by Vaanster. In this case, you do not have to read your energy meter yourself. After two months, you can view the readings on your personal page. Log in here to go to your personal account.

In some cases, we ask you to pass on a meter reading yourself. For example, when you move in or out of the house. You will then be asked for the meter reading on the date of relocation and/or key transfer. You may also find the meter reading on the completion report you received from the estate agent or landlord.

The meter reading we need is the "E1 reading". Click on the meter to go through the different meter readings. You will automatically see a meter reading with E1 in the display. That is the reading you can pass on to us. 

Where is the energy meter located?

It varies from house to house where the energy meter is placed. Usually, an energy meter is located near the delivery set, in the meter cupboard or near the floor distributor.
There may be two energy meters placed in one house. In that case, one energy meter measures heat for space heating and one energy meter measures heat for domestic hot water.

The residents' page of your project shows which energy meter is installed in home. If no energy meter is listed on that page, Vaanster does not know which meter is installed in your home. If you type in your postcode on Vaanster's homepage, you will reach your project page.

Reading an energy meter

Heat is usually measured in GJ (Gigajoules). Vaanster requests the meter reading in GJ. This may require converting the meter reading from kWh to GJ. The meter reading for domestic hot water is measured and requested in m3. 

Because consumption of cold is free of charge, it is not metered either. This meter reading can therefore not be found anywhere.

Viewing meter readings

All meter readings are published on your personal page. You can therefore view these at any time. It takes two months before the meter readings are visible in your personal account. If, after some time, there are still no meter readings, we do not have them available. It is then always possible to read the meter yourself and add it to the overview.

Not all meters can be read digitally. Sometimes, for example, no WIFI contact has been possible, or something else is going on. If Vaanster cannot read the energy meter, an estimate of the meter reading is made. We may prepare the annual statement two years in a row based on an estimated meter reading. In some cases, a meter reader will visit your home to take the meter reading.

How do I read the energy meter?