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How can I report a malfunction?

First, the cause of the malfunction needs to be determined to clarify who can resolve it. The ownership boundary indicates responsibility for various components. You can find this on the residents' page of the project where you live. Go to www.vaanster.nl and enter your postal code and house number. You will then be redirected to the corresponding residents' page, where you can find the ownership boundary of the project.

Malfunction in heat or cold delivery:

Determine if there is a malfunction in some or all spaces in the heat or cold delivery. If the malfunction occurs in part of your home, heat is still being delivered to your home but not to all spaces. This indicates a malfunction in the indoor installation, such as your (room) thermostat, controller, or a component of your floor distributor. The ownership boundary indicates who owns these components in your home.

Need more information? Check the frequently asked questions about these types of malfunctions. The answers to other possible malfunctions can also be found here.

Suspect a malfunction in all spaces of your home?

Check if the thermostat is set correctly. You can temporarily set the desired temperature higher or lower on the thermostat. Ensure that your thermostat is set to request heat. This allows you to check if the temperature in your home changes after some time.

Check if the thermostat batteries need replacing. The thermostat indicates when the batteries need to be replaced.

Is your heating system still not warming up?

Find out if your neighbors are experiencing a similar malfunction. This could indicate a collective malfunction. This information is crucial for promptly and effectively resolving the malfunction.

Then report the malfunction by phone to Vaanster at: 085-7602992. This phone number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You will be asked to perform the above checks over the phone, so reporting a malfunction will be faster if you indicate that you have already done so.